The Radcliffe Line - (Border Line between India & Pakistan)

The Radcliffe Line  On 17 August 1947  Was Declared As an official border between India and Pakistan.  

This border line is today the international boundary between India and Pakistan on the western side and between India and Bangladesh on the eastern side.

The Radcliffe line is spread through the Rann of Kutch in Gujarat till the international border in Jammu in Jammu & Kashmir, dividing India
 and Pakistan into two different countries. Radcliffe divided India into three halves: West Pakistan, East Pakistan, and India. 
When British partitioned India and departed the subcontinent on 15th August 1947, the delineation of the border between the new states of India and Pakistan was the Radcliffe Line, which was revealed on 17th  August 1947.   
Before independence, it was decided to partition India into India and Pakistan for the Hindu and Muslim communities respectively.

 Why was it named the 'Radcliffe Line? 

  • It was called the Radcliff line because the man who was given the mission to carry out the partition was named Sir Cyril Radcliffe.  

  More about Indo-Pak Border-

  • The western side of the line is known as the Indo-Pakistani border.
  • The eastern side is coined the Indo-Bangladesh border.    

Crossing points along the 3323 km long border -

  • Attari, situated 25 kilometers from Amritsar 
  • Ganda Singh Wala, which falls under the district of Kasur in Punjab 
  • Hussainiwala, right opposite the point of Ganda Singh Wala, lies the village of Hussainiwala in Firozpur district, Punjab 
  • Munnabao, situated in Barmer district in Rajasthan 
  • Wagah, the most prominent border crossing point between India and Pakistan
 More About- Cyril Radcliffe: The man who 'divided' India and Pakistan

  • A British lawyer, who had never been to India and was ignorant of the situation, was sent to decide the fate of millions of people. Radcliffe was responsible for drawing the borders for Pakistan and India. Punjab was split into two: West Punjab became part of Pakistan and East Punjab belonged to India. Similarly, West Bengal became a state of India, and East Bengal (now Bangladesh) became a province of Pakistan.)

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