Defence Technology In India

   The Defence sector of India is strategically one of the most important sectors in India. India has one of the world’s largest military forces with a strength of over 14.4 lakh active personnel. It has the world’s largest volunteer military of over 51 lakh personnel.

      The total budget sanctioned for the Indian military for the financial year 2021 is ₹4.78 lakh crores. It has the third largest annual defence budget behind the USA and China.

      It is the second largest defence importer after Saudi Arabia making up 9.2% of global arms imports. India has a domestic defence industry of which 80% is government owned.

      Post-independence, the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) was formed in1958 for the military’s research and development under the control of the Ministry of Defence.

      The public sector includes DRDO and its 50 labs, 4 defence shipyards, 5 defence PSUs and 41 ordnance factoriesIndia has a new defence procurement, acquisition and manufacturing policy to reduce imports and enhance domestic manufacturing.

Important topics to study for UPSC CSE Exam- 

  1. INS Vikrant
  2. INS Vikramaditya
  3. Anti Ballistic Missile Defence System
  5. S400
  6. THAAD
  7. Iron Dome
  8. Bilateral and Multilateral Military Exercises
  9. Defence Indigenization
  11. RAFALE Aircraft
  12. The Integrated Guided Missile Development Programme
  13. Nuclear Command Authority
  14. Cruise missiles vs Ballistic missiles
  15. India’s Nuclear Triad
  16. Ship Biographies

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